Iconomi (ICN) will take you to the moon

Iconomi (ICN) will take you to the moon

Iconomi (ICN) is scheduled to release their platform to the public on August 1st. At the time of writing, the market capital of Iconomi is just $182 million. This is a great time to buy.

Iconomi is the first platform that will allow the average user to invest in a cryptocurrency index. They have two official indexes that prospective cryptocurrency investors can invest in, ICNP and ICNX. ICNX is an automatically managed investment in the top cryptocurrencies based on an open source algorithm which is rebalanced every month. ICNP is more exciting, it will allow you to invest in a fund which is manually managed by top cryptocurrency investors.

The token, ICN, is set at market value and will most certainly grow in value with the release of the platform. I've had beta access to the platform for a long time and I can safely say it looks and feels solid, the Iconomi team clearly knows what they are doing here.

Iconomi platform

That screenshot might look worrying at the moment but keep in mind that as of writing this, all of crypto is hurting quite badly, we're currently in a huge correction.

ICN is also a dividend paying token and if you've read my blog post on DGD you'll know that I love dividend paying stocks because it attributes real tangible value to the token outside of mere speculation. ICN is also a deflationary token, Iconomi actually have a buyback scheme where they will buy ICN back off of exchanges at market price every month and then burn the tokens, making the supply less over time. Lower supply and higher demand means higher price.

Cryptocurrency is still a small world and unfortunately for a lot of people, investing in cryptocurrency generically is too complicated and confusing. Most people just don't have the time or patience to do the necessary work to figure out investments for themselves so they put money into funds to manage it for them. The furthest they go is deciding what type of risk portfolio they want to have from the fund's options. Mutual funds are huge and Iconomi is essentially the first mutual fund in the cryptocurrency sphere.

The future for Iconomi is even bigger. Iconomi's ultimate plan is to allow anyone to use their platform to create their own index which is balanced and managed in a way that they decide. That's right, you'll be able to run your own cryptocurrency hedge fund, any way you like, with any fees you like, in a matter of minutes and people will be able to invest in your fund if they believe in your judgement. This is where the platform will truly shine and become industry changing. We are a long way from there however, so let's not get too dreamy just yet.

The time to get into ICN is now, don't wait until the release of the platform. The earlier you are in the game, the higher your reward will be. The Iconomi team has been making solid progress on their platform since their ICO and as an ICO investor I'm happy with what they've achieved in such a short period of time. My investment has already paid off and I suspect that in the coming weeks and months it will pay off significantly more.