The Cracklord Newsletter #1

The Cracklord Newsletter #1

Dear newsletter subscribers,

You probably subscribed to my blog a long time ago and never got a single email from me. Well, that's for two reasons. I haven't been that active of a blogger and I haven't really had the system in place to send newsletter effectively, nor did I want to bother my fine subscribers. However, why would you have subscribed if you didn't want to hear from me every now and again!? So that's why I'm starting a newsletter and this is the very first edition. Congratulations for being part of this monumental moment in history.

It is worth noting that this newsletter likely won't be a weekly occurrence, as I won't be sending it out with sufficient quality posts to share with you. I aim to make quality posts every week but I won't give you empty promises, I'll just do my best to deliver.

A lot has happened since you signed up, the economy is ruined, the coronavirus has caused months of lockdowns, the stock market collapsed and recovered to all time highs in a matter of months and Bitcoin crossed $10,000 and held onto it. So now as the cryptocurrency induced depression is coming to an end, I've started blogging again.

The perfect crypto storm is brewing

More US dollars have been printed in one month than in two centuries, faith in stocks is waning. The perfect storm for cryptocurrency is brewing and you've still got a chance to get in before it hits harder than an atomic bomb.

Click here to see why I think this is the case.

What's better financially, renting or buying?

An age old financial question that causes a lot of heated debate. Should I buy a house or should I rent and invest the money in the stock market instead? Which one will make more money faster? It's a complex subject with a lot more nuance than you might think.

I break it down here.

Ray Croc (the McDonald's founder) wasn't a bad guy

After watching The Founder on Netflix, a movie about Ray Croc, the "founder" of McDonald's, I came away with a different opinion than what I've heard echoed from others who've seen it. Many people claim that he stole McDonald's from the original brothers who founded it.

I make the argument about why this isn't the case. drops the MCO token in favor of CRO token

The now enormous cryptocurrency player has gone against what their CEO previously stated would never happen. That is, they are swapping the MCO tokens for CRO tokens. This had caused waves in the community, with many people very angry at the situation as they feel betrayed.

The old video of CEO's now broken promise, plus more, in my article.

That's it

Well, that's it for the first Cracklord newsletter folks. If this annoys you, I'm sorry, but you did sign up years ago and there is an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. Once you unsubscribe, I won't bother you ever again, promise!

I do however, hope you enjoyed the newsletter, gained some new information from it and would like to hear more. It'd be amazing if you could share my posts with your friends and family if you like them, it really helps me stay motivated to spread information and discuss my thoughts with the world.

tl;dr: #hodl.